Rangers are extremely versatile combatants. They can act as scouts, can wield two weapons at once, and are lethal with a bow.

Solo Ability: Good.

Important stats:

Strength and Dexterity are the most important stats for rangers. Strength affects melee attack chance and damage, and high dexterity boosts a ranger's defense and ability to hit enemies with a bow.

A moderate level of wisdom is also needed for a ranger to cast spells.

Notable abilities: Favored Enemy, Two Weapon Fighting.

Rangers are incredibly skilled with the bow. They can eventually learn remarkable techniques like shooting through groups of enemies with a single arrow or firing multiple arrows simultaneously.

Rangers are also the best class at two-weapon fighting, using a weapon in each hand. In addition, they can make very good scouts, sneaking ahead of the party and gathering information on enemies and their movements.

Rangers can also cast several useful spells and begin to learn these at level 4.

Basic InformationEdit

Favored SkillsEdit

Granted AbilitiesEdit


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