Monks use an energy called ki to perform amazing techniques in battle. Usually fighting without weapons and armor, they can assist allies or destroy enemies but take longer to master than the other melee classes.

Solo Ability: Very Good.

Important stats:

Strength and Wisdom are the most important stats for monks. Strength affects melee attack chance and damage, and high wisdom boosts a monk's defenses and amplifies many special attacks.

Dexterity is important for monks who want to further improve defense and reflexes.

Typical abilities: Stunning Fist, Deflect Arrows.

Monks can study different philisophical paths to allow them to use a number of special moves in battle.

Through intense physical training and mental discipline, monks gain the ability to generate and control ki. They use this vital energy to launch powerful combination attacks and project amazing beneficial effects.

In order to use their special abilities, monks must be in a state of physical and mental balance called being centered. To remain centered, a monk cannot wear armor and must fight unarmed or with special monk weapons like staffs and kamas.

Basic InformationEdit

Favored SkillsEdit

Granted AbilitiesEdit


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