Fighters can use a large variety of weapons, all types of shields, and the heaviest armor. They can also train in many more combat abilities than the other melee classes.

Solo Ability: Good.

Important stats:

Strength is the most important stat for fighters. High strength boosts a fighter's ability to hit enemies and increases the damage dealt with each attack.

Constitution is also good for fighters who want more hit points.

Notable abilities: Sunder, Tower Shield Proficiency.

Fighters get more feats than any other class, and as a result they have a lot of attack options in battle. They can knock an enemy off his feet or damage multiple enemies at once with a great cleave.

Fighters are also able to use more weapons, armor, and shields than any other class. They often focus their training on a specific set of gear and become masters of their own custom fighting styles. A fighter can succeed in battle in many different ways.

Basic InformationEdit

Favored SkillsEdit

Granted AbilitiesEdit


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