Using spells, skills, and powerful magical songs, Bards are the ultimate support characters, simultaneously strengthening friends and weakening foes.

Solo Ability: Challenging.

Important stats:

Charisma is the most important stat for bards. High charisma makes a bard's songs and spells more powerful and more difficult for enemies to resist and also gives him or her more spell points.

Notable abilities: Fascinate, Inspire Courage.

Playing songs is the bard's most impressive ability. With songs bards can give a boost to their allies abilities or subdue foes. The Fascinate song can mesmerize and immobilize enemies better than any other class's spells or abilities.

Bards also have mastery of many different kinds of spells. They can heal allies or attack and manipulate foes and have more spell points than any of the other melee or specialist classes.

With this special blend of abilities, bards can make any party more effective, regardless of composition. ==

Basic InformationEdit

Favored SkillsEdit

Granted AbilitiesEdit


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